Michael Paulsen is an award-winning Houston, TX based photographer with work focusing on conservation, environmental portraiture, fashion, sports, news and food.  He specializes in editorial, corporate, and advertising photography with an emphasis on creative visual problem solving; a skill gleamed from National Geographic photographer, friend and mentor Joel Sartore while living in his home during college years.

His 10-year career in newspapers chiseled a stunning ability to deliver images on deadline beyond words and expectations. The themes present in the work revolve around light and laughter, obstacles and triumph, breath and death. He contemplatively approaches people with empathy while documenting moment-driven, light-induced, uniquely-unfolding life events creating a photojournalistic blend that delicately balances between art and storytelling, creativity and communication, present and future.

Michael's work has been featured in international and local print media publications.  Paulsen was awarded the College Photographer of the Year Award and Nikon Ambassador Sponsorship; he attended the renowned Eddie Adams XX Photo Workshop honing a mentor/mentee mindset with industry professionals by charismatically walking into a group study session on the "Pivotal Moment"; Paulsen was a finalist in the Hearst Photojournalism shootout in San Francisco receiving the soundest advice of his career from nationally acclaimed photo editors in intimate settings and also manifesting a $4k winning prize check dog-eared for 20/20 Laser Eye Surgery before landing serendipitously at the Houston Chronicle with his motorcycle. 

For more information regarding Michael's work or to book photo assignments, feel free to contact him at: 832.729.9999 or through email.

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